Debbie Pask

James Pask

Areas of expertise

What drives me? Helping people tap into the absolute and immense power of their own energy. To bring change, heal, attract abundance, balance and a find a clear sense of self and life purpose. I love clarifying life purpose and translating that into an abundant career/business.

My Quirky stuff:
Most indigenous cultures use animal totems (symbolism) to align their gifts with. I connect deeply with this idea and use this to develop my working style. Here are my three animal totems:-

AIR/ Phoenix – rising from the ashes it symbolises death & rebirth; a letting go of the old and transitioning to the new. I specifically enjoy transitioning people from destructive jobs or relationships – into a new phase of their life.

SEA/Whale – dreaming your own song or story; feeling free to dream and create the things that bring you into flow and connect with the heart.

LAND/Cheetah – fast paced and instinctive; the cheetah creates a clear focus or passion and bolts quickly in the direction of what is most crucial.

My element is FIRE. My approach is direct and powerful. I work quickly and aim to release what holds you back.


“I work differently to many other coaches and healers in that I integrate the intuitive and psychic work with the logical and material. That means that your healing and decision making comes from a much more innovative and soul level; whilst your follow up plans are cemented in this world. Isn’t this the way its meant to be?”

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Debbie Pask’s Qualifications and Experience

With a background in Advertising at board level, a degree in philosophy and 13 years training in energy healing work, Debbie is an example of how the rational and intuitive can come together to create a stronger approach to business. Debbie’s core passion is to help people discover & unlock their own ‘life purpose’ and then go about planning and designing their utopian business around it. Favourite quote: “You can never solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it” Einstein

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor of Arts Philosophy at Macquarie University
  • Reiki Masters
  • Reiki Level 4 Teachers attunement
  • Psych-K Certified Facilitator
  • Certificate in Astrology (trained @Sydney Astrology School)
  • ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) Certificate 1 day workshop
  • Russian DNA healing (Genome Healing) – based on Grabavoi and Petrov’s work
  • Kinergetics I & II (Kinesiology and Energy healing combined) – work of Phillip Rafferty
  • The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays
  • Harmonic Sound Healing incl. 9 chakras and 13 tones of creation (with Elvina Muir)
  • Numerology – Nature Care College
  • Meditation Teachers Training Intensive
  • Crystal Healing 101
  • Universal Mediumship Development classes
  • Shamans Shadow workshop (Leyola Antara)
  • Advanced Shamanic Mediumship classes
  • Animal Communication workshop (Trisha McCagh)
  • Aromatherapy Basics
  • Native American Indian Sweatlodge ceremonies
  • Chakra Dance Workshops
  • 7 years of Psychic & Trance Development Classes
  • Professional Reading Training
  • Abundance Mastery Training
  • Don Tolman Weekend “Bootcamp for Brains” course


  • 2 x Companies sold – Adtopia Pty Ltd (2013) and Tick Boxer Pty Ltd (2014) – an online Advertising DIY tools portal
  • Runners up at Entrepreneur Business School (hosted in Bali 2006)
  • Wealth Dynamics Business Profiling (Roger Hamilton XL)
  • Board of Directors Position held at George Patts (international adv. agency) in 2003
  • Operations Business Consultant & Coach since 2003
  • Advertising Federation teacher – over an 8 Year period
  • Career in advertising and operations – includes training, change management, public speaking, managing large teams, strategic plans, financial forecasting and analysis etc
  • Worked across both Dubai & UK as a business consultant